Transforming Heartbeat from an agency-based business model to a sleek SaaS powerhouse wasn’t just about tech; it was about crafting client loyalty. After we built the SaaS functionality and began adding clients at record pace, two mammoth challenges stood tall: consistently unveiling fresh, brand-aligned influencers and ensuring these digital stars kept their content live for a full 72 hours.
Enter Rateable. Instead of merely knowing influencers by their stats, Rateable, a platform I architected, let users critically assess Heartbeat influencers. Emojis highlighted content types, an MPAA-inspired rating sized up the family-friendliness, while a star system gauged content quality. It was like turning the spotlight onto a diamond's every facet.
Then, there was the Enforcer - my pride and joy at Heartbeat. This digital sentinel ensured influencers upheld their part of the bargain. Every hour, it checked to ensure sponsored content remained live. If not? A screenshot-backed warning was dispatched, resetting their 72-hour content clock.
Three years at Heartbeat were peppered with innovation. But Rateable and the Enforcer? They epitomize my ethos: relentless, imaginative problem-solving where 'impossible' is just another challenge.
We also drove a massive update to the Heartbeat platform, which was originally built only for Instagram, to allow posting and campaigns run on TikTok. This was a major accomplishment from a technical perspective and a massive boon for the company as a whole.

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