At Magiclinks, the dazzling future we envisioned was hinged on cutting-edge data analytics, forged from our unique affiliate sales data. Picture this: a next-gen algorithm capable of not just pairing an influencer with a brand, but precisely predicting the sales they'd generate. However, as I peeled back the curtain, I found not an orchestra but a solo act—a lone data intern.
Here's a twist in the plot: as a product leader, knowing when to push back can be pure gold. Instead of charging into a storm, I advocated for reinforcements. Enter our Senior Data Scientist and Data Engineer, with our erstwhile intern stepping up to full-time.
The magic truly began post reinforcements. We launched the 'Creator Score', an ingenious blend of social metrics, sales data, and growth trajectory. This acted as our compass, guiding our team to high-yield creators. Evolving further, we introduced the 'Brand Affinity Scores', refining our match-making prowess. To cap off the trilogy we introduced the 'Match Score' - our ultimate tool that blended the power of the two previous data products and redefined brand-influencer synergy inside the company.
For the grand finale, this algorithmic marvel birthed 'AutoCast', automating and optimizing our creator casting process. AutoCast produced a truly measurable reduction in the time our team spent casting campaigns and a drastic improvement in overall campaign performance metrics.

Additional Projects

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