I was hired by Barstool Sports for my expertise in influencer marketing, I spearheaded the creation of a dual-sided marketplace aimed at empowering college athletes to monetize their social media. While I juggled roles managing Barstool's main website, store, pay-per-view events, and apps, this marketplace project was like running a startup within a corporate umbrella.
From the outset, I prioritized user flexibility, knowing that many products falter due to rigid, narrow-sighted user pathways. Our platform was designed to allow users to both launch and accept social media campaigns, bypassing common constraints. To further our user-centric approach, we introduced "organizations" from the get-go, enabling multiple users to easily manage a single profile—a boon for marketing agencies and high-tier creators alike.
Instead of just aiming for a basic MVP, Barstool envisioned a 'best-in-class' experience. My research took me through multiple competitor platforms, dissecting their weaknesses. While most relied on generic influencer lists, we had a head start with 140,000 college athletes already registered. This not only set us apart but gave us the edge. Furthermore, our platform seamlessly integrated every step, from influencer selection, negotiation, contracting, through payment, offering an unparalleled, holistic experience.

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